Monday, November 14, 2011

HMC Photo Shoot

I was asked to take a photos of some of the HMC students back in September. I have never done an “edgy” shoot before and I would have to say I had a great time doing it. The weather cooperated perfectly with some dramatic clouds and no bright sun, yeah! The students were game for just about anything. Here are just a tiny portion of all the shots  we took that day. I am incredibly thankful for the patience in these guys! They were amazing! We took a bunch of the shots over by “my bridge” and they turned out really awesome. I love that area!! The rest were taken in the downtown area of Cold Spring….not a big metropolis by any means, but I think we still conquered the shoot in spite of it’s failings Winking smile!IMG_5900IMG_5947-3IMG_6054IMG_6138IMG_6185-2IMG_6346-2IMG_6377-2IMG_6421-2

These guys were incredible. There is no doubt they were in a precarious spot, but they handled it with easy and amazing form!IMG_6432IMG_6437IMG_6441IMG_6450IMG_6450-3IMG_6461-2IMG_6523-2IMG_6566-5IMG_6622-2Downtown Cold SpringIMG_6688-3IMG_6701IMG_6711IMG_6772IMG_6724-2IMG_6799-3IMG_6811IMG_6825-3IMG_6837-3IMG_6905-2IMG_6964IMG_7018-2IMG_7148-2IMG_7151-2The end Winking smile! hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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