Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Snow Fall

The view when the snow was just starting to fall. I just drove around a little catching some of the scenes along the road before the roads actually got bad on Saturday.IMG_2586IMG_2624IMG_2600IMG_2626IMG_2632IMG_2634The crazy view when the I looked out the window later. Seriously, snow falls can be soooo pretty and happen so fast! These were my attempts at trying out the suggestions on this post. Personally, I think I was close, but would have liked a few more close up snowflakes. If I have learned one thing in this life is that you just don’t always get what you want Winking smile!IMG_2699IMG_2695IMG_2697The next day there was some lovely snow touching each of these lovely coneflowers. Not so lovely anymore, but they sure do look good for the photo. I can still find color even if it is brown Winking smile.

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