Sunday, November 20, 2011

Practical Focused Photography Workshop

IMG_1975For the last few years I have been wanting to attend one of Noemi Photography’s workshops. It just hadn’t worked out with my schedule to pull it off, but last weekend the calendar finally lined up, yay! I have admired Noemi’s photography and heart for the Lord since I started reading her blog over 4 years ago.

My friend Cheryl and I jumped in our car and took off to the cities after church that morning. We met Noemi at the Dunn Brothers in Chaska and the fun began with 10 other photographers. After she gave us some photography instruction and equipment tips, the clients came and we headed out for some practical shooting time. IMG_1634

Now keep in mind, all of the shots I took that day were while trying to work around 11 other photographers. Sine I wasn’t able to really get straight on shots of the clients, I just played around the whole time. I actually look forward to seeing Noemi’s final shots. They will be amazing I am certain. The clients were so much fun!IMG_1691IMG_1643IMG_1640IMG_1658IMG_1673

I tried to pay close attention to all of Noemi’s tips. I am pretty sure that it will take a long time for me to remember and process everything that was said that day.IMG_1692


Noemi at work. IMG_1867

On top of it, what a cool little town Chaska is. Great old walls and doorways, really fun! Now if I can get Cold Spring to be so cool!IMG_1971IMG_1898IMG_1907IMG_1927IMG_1952IMG_1966IMG_1967

Seriously, what a fun, fun family to shoot. Again, difficult to shoot amongst so many photographers, but still a lot of fun to at least capture a couple of sweet shots!IMG_1973

We went back into Dunn Brothers and warmed up for a minute before heading out for round two. IMG_1981IMG_1990IMG_1995IMG_1999IMG_2001IMG_2002IMG_2014

I loved this couple, they were so fun and great to be around and so comfortable with each other that they made the photo shoot very enjoyable. IMG_2320IMG_2339IMG_2354IMG_2367IMG_2029IMG_2079IMG_2097IMG_2124 sharpenIMG_2147IMG_2232IMG_2310

After the shoot was over we headed back to Dunn Brother’s, grabbed a fresh cup o’ coffee, had a little more discussion and the workshop wrapped up. It was a good time to learn more about photography and increase my passion for being a portrait photographer. It was also a great day with a friend. Thanks Cheryl for the day out party, Mom for watching the kids all day and Noemi for teaching. It was indeed a rock star day!!!

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