Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The St. John’s Chapel

I took my kids on a walk out at St. John’s University today. We were out there a few times last year and a few  this year and we had never made it out as far as the chapel. We always meant to, but we usually get tuckered out too soon. This time, we left a little earlier and decided to see if we could make it this time. Indeed we did. The kids had a great time walking out there and even resting a bit near the water before we headed back.
Inside the chapel. The kids were surprised how little was in there once we got there. IMG_4196IMG_4201IMG_4204IMG_4205IMG_4208
Don’t hate me, but up close the new paint job on the chapel actually looks good. From the other side of the lake it looks bad, BUT from up close, I am sorry, I kinda liked it…
Ewww, snake!
Interesting how far away the Abbey is from the chapel. This is my lens zoomed out 270 mm to see it this way.
Two folks stopped out there right when we were leaving…not sure what to think about the outfit this lady was wearing.

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