Monday, October 31, 2011

Rebecca St. James Concert

Spirit 92.9 and Best Life Ministries hosted Rebecca St. James at the Calvary Community Church on Saturday, October 28th. Dawn and Kathy announced the bands starting. The Dave Herring Band led the attendees in worship before Rebecca came out and sang for us.

IMG_7208 copyIMG_7224 copy

Rebecca is really amazing and has a beautiful voice and a fantastic testimony. IMG_7281 copyIMG_7332 copyIMG_7340 copyIMG_7360 copy

Two of Rebecca’s brother’s were on the stage too. The guy on the right is one of her brother’s and the guy playing the cajon in the pictures is her other brother. They are in their own band called For King and Country.

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IMG_7359 copyIMG_7385 copyIMG_7401 copyIMG_7450 copy

Rebecca shared about praying for her future husband and keeping herself pure for him. It is a pretty cool message. She also let us know about her courtship with her now husband Jacob.They have been married for 5 or 6 months now. He  just happened to be sitting in on her set for a few days so she introduced him. She couldn’t help but run over to him and give him a quick hug and kiss before singing her Wait for Me song. IMG_7482 copyIMG_7506 copy

Dawn Williams sat with Rebecca and led us in a Q&A session where the audience could ask whatever questions they wanted to Rebecca.

IMG_7641 copyIMG_7512 copyIMG_7534 copyIMG_7535 copyIMG_7489 copy

The concert ended well with a rendition of Blessed be the Name.IMG_7714 copy

When all was said and done, Clarisse and I headed for home. My daughter loved attending her first concert with me. I am happy she was able to go with too and see what they are like.


  1. I am so glad you two could share that together! It looked like fun!

  2. Hi, April! These are some great pictures! My name is Colby, I am Rebecca St James' web manager. Would you please email us at, we would love to see if we could use some of these pictures! Thanks! -Colby