Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A September Wedding

I worked as a second shooter with Mercy from Mercy Custom Art & Design to shoot Ben and Mary’s Wedding. The day was perfect. The weather cooperated in an amazing way and the bride and groom were fun to work with.

The day started for me heading over to the wedding site where the guys were getting ready. I captured a few shots of the guys getting ready…
After they were set we headed over to Mary’s house where the couple were going to do the “first look” before the wedding festivities went on.
The first look was a lot of fun. She was so excited…he was so happy to see her!IMG_1791IMG_1802
There were lots of couple pictures taken and group shots too.
I loved the brides shoes she wore. Seriously, does it get any better?IMG_1899IMG_2349
After a little intermission…it was time for a wedding.IMG_2364IMG_2394IMG_2411IMG_2428
Ben was so good at making Mary laugh…even during the wedding!IMG_2512
Suddenly the wedding was over and it was time for celebrating…and a few more pictures. IMG_2550IMG_2674IMG_2723IMG_2969
The sun was setting and the dance and a bonfire began. The warmth of the sun was refreshing as it cascaded onto the dance floor! Most dances are held when it is quite dark, so this was fun!IMG_3163
…and romantic.
…and lovely.
The wedding was absolutely amazing and I had a great time helping to shoot the wonderful day with Mercy. Weddings are so much fun to shoot and also be a part in the special day of another couple’s life.

Congratulations Ben and Mary, I pray you have an amazing life together!


  1. amazing shots! love the little girls dancing...perfect!

  2. My favorite was the 3 little girls!! That was so sweet!