Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Philips Craig and Dean Concert


I attended the Philips Craig and Dean Concert back on April 8th and here I am finally posting the pictures I took from that day. I took my usual too many pictures, but here are some of ones I I thought you wouldn’t mind. The lighting is actually pretty difficult in that venue. Lets just say that LED lights aren’t all that great for people’s skin tones!

Oh, I got a kick out of the very out going and good bass player, so I may have taken a few too many pics of him, LOL!IMG_0810 copy_filteredIMG_0718 copy_filtered copyIMG_0725 copy_filtered copyIMG_0743 copy_filteredIMG_0750_filteredIMG_0753_filtered copyIMG_0765_filtered

IMG_0888 copy_filteredIMG_0818 copy_filteredIMG_0861_filteredIMG_0864_filteredIMG_0865_filteredIMG_0878_filteredIMG_0880 copy_filtered

IMG_1004_filteredIMG_0895_filteredIMG_0902_filteredIMG_0907_filteredIMG_0919_filtered copyIMG_0930_filteredIMG_0933_filtered copyIMG_0966_filteredIMG_0988_filtered

I finally caught this cool silhouette shot after they all left the stage and then did the return. I was pretty happy about it!IMG_1013_filtered

The night went well and Minsan and I had a great night out without our kids, bonus!

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun and got some great shots.