Monday, April 4, 2011


Indeed, I have arrived to my 59,999th picture that has been taken on my camera. I am always surprised when my file counter starts over and my files begin again at IMG_001, but always smiling. How great to know that my camera is being used so much that I am rounding 60,000 shots. YAY!
My camera definitely shows the wear and tear as well. My thumb pad has fallen off and I don’t what happened to it. My eye pieces won’t stay on and my grips on the front have serious wear on them. At first I was bummed that my camera no longer looked new. Then the realization that something that it is used A LOT and can no longer look new. You know what, that is okay!
Of course in this process of  “using up my camera”, since you can typically only take about 100,000 shots with one before they die forever on you, I have started setting money aside for a replacement. I am dreaming of a 7d someday Smile!
With no further ado, here is the 59,999th picture from my camera. Typical too, it isn’t usually one of my best shots….this is on of the story tell ones I take that just remind us of the day that something happened. This one was Anthony’s dedication day.
IMG_9999 copy_filtered

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  1. well no wonder your camera is beginning to look slightly used...!