Monday, April 25, 2011

New Life, Really, YAY!

IMG_2269 copyIMG_2272 copyIMG_2250 copyIMG_2251 copyIMG_2253 copyIMG_2255 copyIMG_2257 copyIMG_2259 copyIMG_2260 copyIMG_2262 copyIMG_2263IMG_2267 copy

These pictures come to you from my invasion of someone’s yard on 1st St. I drove by it on my way to the library and saw, yellow!! I stopped to sneak a shot of it and the owner happened to be letting his cat in and so I asked him if it was okay to take a picture of his flowers. He was totally fine with it, then the wifey came out and she showed me her back flower bed where there were a few more popping out of the ground. Yep, I snapped shots of someone else’s back yard.  What can I say, I am DESPERATE for color, hence the name of my blog.

Here is the pooch that lives in the backyard with the flowers. IMG_2281 copy

Here is the kitty that catches the mice and moles that try to make their homes there. IMG_2282 copy

New experiences, yep.

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