Thursday, December 2, 2010

Train Yard Photography

I wanted to take some pictures of my nephews and when I took Zechy, I headed to the train tracks near their house. I was so excited that this time there was a great train with lots o’ graffiti. Great color!
IMG_9781 copy
I think for the 5 minutes we were there that we captured some sure winners! What do you think?IMG_9774 copyIMG_9707 boosted color smallerIMG_9721 copyIMG_9751 copyIMG_9769 color
I took this picture as we were leaving…I loved the glow from the sun on the train cars. IMG_9782 copy
Here are the pictures I took of Jeremiah from the train tracks in Cold Spring. Lighting was a bit of an issue with the dark clouds creeping in, so we were quick about this too!IMG_9957 copyIMG_9967 hershey burnIMG_9972 hershey burnIMG_9799 bwIMG_9834IMG_9826 copyIMG_9838 copyIMG_9864 copy_filteredIMG_9870_filteredIMG_9893
It was fun to take the boys an capture them this year. Each year they keep growing and growing and growing Smile! It sure is fun to watch it!

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