Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Décor and Stuffs

I was just playin’ around with the Christmas Bokeh in the house last week. Fun to try and capture it a bit!

IMG_2526 copyIMG_2491 copy_filtered

IMG_2494_filtered copy

IMG_2525 copy

IMG_2523 copy

IMG_2531 copy

Here is the lovely annual advent calendar that the kids got this year from Bob and Alice McGgee. This year was no different than all the others…shortly after Thanksgiving the envelope comes and the kids get right to opening them day by day. What a cool tradition that the McGee’s have blessed us with!

IMG_2497 copy_filtered

IMG_2499 copy_filtered

The angel from the manger scene.

IMG_2506 copy

Ahhh, the rusty sleigh!

IMG_2508 copy

Christmas is so pretty…and yet as of today…I am ready for it to be gone. How does that happen!! We have friends coming tomorrow so I don’t want the big mess associated with the tear down right before they come…sure enough though Sunday afternoon rolls around and I will be putting it all away Smile!

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