Monday, December 27, 2010

Minnesota Frosting…This never gets old!

This is my view out of my office. It was so great to see the sun this morning after what felt like a whole week without it. IMG_3025 copy

I did decide to brave the cold by putting on my boots and a hat and snapping some quick shots outside this morning. I didn’t last long since my fingers were a bit too chilly! The snow is so deep right now. The snow went up to my knees and that didn’t even get all the way down. IMG_2990 copy

This is my garden…it sure looks different in the winter!IMG_2996 copyIMG_3000 copyIMG_3002 copyIMG_3003 copyIMG_3005 copyIMG_3008 copyIMG_2979 copyIMG_2983 copyIMG_2986 copyIMG_3014 copyIMG_3023 copy

1 comment:

  1. so pretty! love the blinds shot. as much as i do not love winter, it really can be pretty too!