Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sneak Peaks for Beth and Pattrik's Wedding Day - St. Cloud Area Photographer

What looked to be a rainy day, turned out to be a perfect, perfect day for Pattrik and Beth's wedding. Everything went great and the amazing couple was able to enjoy their wedding day perfectly!

After everyone was ready we took some pictures of the bridal party out at St. Johns University to take all their bridal party shots. We had an amazing time and took lots of formal and fun shots. Love it when the bridal party is game for just about anything :).

 After the wedding we ran off with the bride and groom to a place of my choosing. I appreciated their confidence in us to choose a location and I hope that they were happy with the warehouse area I found for them. I love a good grungy place to contrast their amazing happiness and beauty.
A few weeks before the wedding on Saturday I caught wind of the grooms love for Batman. I managed to scrounge up a Batman mask for the end of the day shots. When we brought out the mask the groom was thrilled with the idea. Gotta admit, this was my favorite moment of the day...this was the exact shot I had hoped for.
 After a great reception, dance and visiting, we ran the bride and groom for some last minute sun set shots. Gotta love the golden hour. 
It was a super, super day with a great couple!!! Cheryl and I had an amazing time shooting this wedding on a beautiful day. For more shots from the wedding day, be sure to head out to my partner's facebook page.

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