Saturday, June 21, 2014

Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor Camera Examples

This last year I have shifted my camera gear over to a full frame camera vs. my crop sensor I had used for the first five or so years of shooting pictures. There are tons of technical differences between the two and I will let Tony Northrup's video catch you up on that...why recreate the wheel right?
In the past I knew that the sensor on my crop camera was indeed much smaller than a full frame, but in my mind, all I had to do was back up a little more and it will give me the same view as the full frame...Yes, that is true, but there is just so much more than that.

Here is what I mean by the coverage of a sensor if you were standing in the same place. Indeed the field of view can be gained by backing up with a cropped sensor camera.
Here are the videos I mentioned...such good information for photographers.

The truth be told though, despite all the technical jargon, my new camera just takes beautiful pictures and also allows me to shoot photos the exact way I envision them in my mind. I know now that the full frame is truly idea for portrait photography, which of course you can all tell that I love that the most.

My friend and I did a small presentation for our camera club and while we were doing it we shared some samples of the differences. Here are the ones I brought to the meeting. They were all shot with the same lens for the comparison, same settings, and same location.

 Not only have I found that the background blur (bokeh) is different in all of the samples, but I have noticed that my work has significantly had less challenges with noise. That was always a running problem with my crop sensor camera (only for a pixel peepers like myself ). I am truly thankful for less of those challenges.  This is a short and sweet note regarding this, but the truth is, I am happy with the change to full frame. It was a good decision and one that I will never regret!

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