Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tish Wedding - The Bride (St. Cloud Wedding Photographer)

Doing a wedding in December promised to have challenges since there is a shorter timeline for light and we do live  in Minnesota so there the potential for bitter cold weather or snow. Lets just say, there was no need to have any concern. It turned out to be a beautiful wedding day. I enjoyed shooting every part of it. The amazing bride and groom and their wedding party were compelely perfect to work with. Just like every wedding we do, it increased my passion for shooting weddings and the love that is encountered there.

The day started with us meeting the lovely bride at the salon. I say us because I work with Cheryl. She is so great to work with. She posted her pictures already, so if you would like to see additional pictures from this wedding, head out here.
For the sake of this post, I am just including the pictures that I loved of the bride. Come back soon and I will post the rest of the wedding pictures. Katie's dress was simply amazing as were her bridesmaids. Instead of all the bridesmaids matching she actually had picked out individual ones for each girl. Loved it!

 Lovely, lovely, lovely! I will be sure to post more soon!

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