Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Early Edition - 2nd Run Color Presets

Finally, I finished the 2nd Run Color Presets. Here are the details I put out on my website about them.

The 2nd Run color edition of Early Edition Presets is the perfect addition to your processing  repertoire. They were created for Lightroom 4 for RAW or JPG files. You will receive nine 2nd Run color presets, each with their own editorial style. They work great on anything from portraits, landscapes, and still life. They are Blue Lagoon, Rolling Stone, Tabloid, The Autumn Chronicle, The Clarion, The Downton, The Peach Gazette, The Sun, and The Tribune.

Below are some samples, there are more on my photography website. I am selling this color set for $10. I truly hope you can enjoy them as much as I have.

Add to Cart 2nd Run Color Presets

Rolling Stone Preset
 Tabloid Preset
 The Autumn Chronicles Preset
 The Clarion Preset
 The Downton Preset
 The Peach Gazette Preset
 The Sun Preset
 The Tribune Preset
Blue Lagoon

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  1. These are super cool!:) I really like Blue Lagoon. Will the work for me?