Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Example of Corrections

I would have to say that if you looked at the picture below you might might think I was a horrible photographer. I was experimenting with my 85mm lens and what I saw in my viewfinder of my camera and what I saw once I was at my computer was pretty different. Not sure if that has happened to anyone else before… What turned out to be something that I was experimenting with my lens turned into an editing experiment. I loved the little ones’s smile and twinkle in her eye, so I didn’t want to toss it out without giving her a little fix. Surprisingly, using the 85mm. gave me a little more editing power than with my 50mm for some reason. Can’t explain it, but it worked. I brighten her up, adjusted the white balance, used a few brushes from Pretty Presets on her face to brighten and increase the sparkle in her eye. Shazam, back to the beautiful baby I know and love in person.  IMG_4006-2

Here is the final draft. Of course I still didn’t like the white bar along her right side, so I decided to play with textures too. I am so glad I did!


This was my final draft…I am so perfectly pleased with the end result. I may not do textures often, but I sure do love how it can add to some pictures so beautifully. There you have it, I just gave away my little secret of a mistake I made that ended up turning into a beautiful moment. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone what she looked like to begin with ;).IMG_4006 copy

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