Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Toys and Helpful Tools

A few weeks ago I finally bought a Kindle Fire. When it first came out I was pretty sure that I was going to want one. I walked around the stores and checked out the Nook and checked out the the Fire to decide what would really make me happy.

Truly the Fire felt better in my hands than the Nook. I also like the look of Fire better. Processing power wise they were about the same and looking at it seemed similar on the screen. In the end, I really like all that Amazon has to offer with its books and media. The cloud storage has been really useful and really made sense to me. The final thing I am enjoying is access to tons of Apps for Droid. I have a Blackberry phone that I totally love and will most likely buy another one again when my contract runs out. The catch with my Blackberry though is that it has some Apps, but not nearly as many I have access to now with Amazon App Store does.

My reality with my phone is that even if I could have all the apps in the world, it is still pretty small and I can’t say that have of them are nearly as fun to play with as they are with my Kindle. So in the end, I like having both. My hubby likes his phone too and someday may buy a larger Android tablet, but for now he got a screaming deal on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 in. Surprisingly similar in many ways to my Kindle, but yet different. A great little tool for sure. He has the full Android Marketplace, I only have the Amazon Marketplace. Truth be told, there are very few things that I don’t have in the Amazon Marketplace, so it is really a non issue.

In any case, I am slowly working my way through the marketplace and finding new apps. Just like everyone notices, there are so many, many apps out there and new ones everyday.

When I was emailed this opportunity from Blogher about appSmitten the other day, I was more than excited to promote them. Whether you love Apple or Android, this is actually a wonderfully awesome system that I am excited to be using myself.

appSmitten is actually a free newsletter that covers the some of the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. They are very focused on finding the apps that are actually worth downloading. Like ones that will keep me organized, entertained and productive. Which, let me tell  you, excites me! There are over 1 million apps out there and finding the best ones is like finding a needle in a haystack. I like things to be streamed line and simple. I don’t want to scour around to find things that I need, I love the thought of someone else to do that for me. They offer bite-sized app recommendations from a trusted source so I don't have to go hunting to find good apps. Now if I could get a personal chef, my life would be golden, lol!

On top of all this it is free, BONUS! I love free and was very happy to share this with you. If you follow the link here, you can sign up, or at any of the links when you click on appSmitten.

I did want to let you know that in spite of the fact that I think this is amazing, I am participating in an affiliate program with appSmitten and I will be receiving a small payment for anyone that does sign up for the newsletter.

Hope ya love it!!!

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