Thursday, February 2, 2012

Editing in Lightroom 3

I have been using Lightroom since August of this year. I truly love use it. One of the plus sides to it are quick and easy sorting of my pictures. Editing with ease is my other major bonus. Shooting in RAW format makes additional tweaks a necessity. Lightroom is great for jpg’s, but even better when you shoot in RAW.

As you can see, I was off a little in my manual settings when I was trying to snap a few shots of this little angel the other day. But in spite of my missed exposure, I was able to open her up in Lightroom and fix it. I have been working towards getting things right out of camera, but I do not live in “I am always a perfect success” land, so I am thankful for a tool like Lightroom to tweak my work a little.


I am quite amazed with what some healing will do to fix her scratched eye and brightening. Well, a few more things too, that I would have to go back to the history to reveal. Sometimes it is  more, sometimes less for editing. The nice thing is that I really don’t mind the process, especially when I use Lightroom. Here is my first quick run with editing this shot. I think it is just fine for a fun baby shot. IMG_1666 original edit_filtered

Today I downloaded the new Pretty Presets brushes. Since I wanted to practice a little on a picture, I used this one again. Not that she needed any improving, but think of this as me just messing around. I brightened her skin, added some extra blue to her eyes, There was some yellow hues in a few spots so I tweaked that. Pretty much turned her into more of a porcelain doll baby.

IMG_1666 more edited_filtered

Thought I would share a moment in my day today. Hope you have a great one!

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