Monday, September 19, 2011

More Tenth Ave North


I took more than I needed at the Tenth Avenue North concert, which is why I realized, I just can’t put them all out here. Instead I posted the majority of them out on Facebook and I will just put a few additional favorites out here.

The band came and played a game with the folks hanging out in the hospitality room.


If I haven’t learned anything, I have learned that there are no rules on what you wear or what shoes you decide to put on. Seriously, I think ANYTHING goes!


My friend’s son was able to participate in the game and even won his mom a gift certificate to Crafts Direct.


They had AJ Cheek and Rachel Smith open for them with some acoustic playing. I really enjoyed them and even went out and bought Rachel’s EP. Clarisse and I listened to it on the way to my mom’s and have a couple of favorites. We wish she had some faster stuff on her cd too, but overall liked her style. If you follow this link, you can even download one of her songs for free.


Then the lead singer came out and encouraged us all to look at Compassion International booth and consider sponsoring a child. IMG_4040

We took a little intermission and then when we returned, Tenth Avenue North rocked the place!

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They ended the night and then sang another song with Rachel and AJ before they were really off.


Thanks Spirit 92.9 for letting me come in and take pictures. I really, really have fun doing it!

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  1. April, these pics turned out amazingly well...great job! i like the post processing, especially the chocolate black and white.