Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A “Day in the Life” Photoshoot

I had the idea to go into someone’s home while they are going about their life and take pictures of them for a few hours. This could mean anything from eating breakfast, playing, doing laundry, making a meal, baking cookies, etc. This just means documenting what life really was at during that stage your family is at. When I offered to take pictures for people to raise money to adopt our little girl from China, a friend asked if I would come into their home and do just what I had on my heart already. HOW FUN!! I was pretty excited.

We scheduled it on a Saturday morning in July. I arrived at the “E” Family’s home around 9:00 am and took pictures until 11:00 am. I did take over 1,300 pictures that morning while capturing their daily life. Seriously, such  fun a  photoshoot and one that I hope to do more of! In the end I was able to give them 800 pictures documenting “A Day in the Life” for them. YAY!

Mixed in there are a few portrait shots that they can use to hang on their wall or just save as memories.

I will put a few from that day right on this post, but if you want to see 80 of my favorites from that day follow this link and you will find them. 

IMG_8634IMG_8680IMG_8717IMG_8831IMG_7540IMG_7586IMG_7611IMG_7616IMG_7651IMG_7662IMG_7691IMG_7746IMG_7821IMG_7883IMG_8037IMG_8328IMG_8067IMG_8451IMG_8357IMG_8471IMG_8537IMG_8597IMG_8620Would you love to have this done with your family? Please let me know, it would be an honor to come in and follow your family around Winking smile! The great thing is that this kind of photoshoot can happen in any season of the year. We aren’t limited to the nice weather as we are with a portrait shoot since this can happen when you are in your home.

When we are all done and I have had some time to prepare the pictures for you, I hand over a color version of your family and another set in black and white for your viewing enjoyment Smile!

Thanks “E” family for letting me come over, I had a blast!

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