Friday, August 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time, there was a Wedding

In a far off place, Cheryl and I were wedding photographers. We may be new at weddings, but we did give it our all. I supported her as her second shooter, so the pictures you will now encounter were taken from a second shooters perspective. I will tell you this though, we had a blast for it being our first time working together and I would have to say, we would love to do it again.
I was responsible to catch the guys getting ready.IMG_0562-3
…or just lookin’ cool.
…or messing around, lol!IMG_0717-2Nah, just posing was my goal Smile!
After the guys were done, then Cheryl took the girl shots. Casey and Riley didn’t see each other until they were walking down the aisle. So we  made sure to do boy and girls separately. IMG_0925-3
I love this shot I captured of Casey checking out the reception area before the wedding.IMG_0975-3IMG_0995-2
Then, there was a wedding.IMG_1083IMG_1123IMG_1155-2IMG_1212IMG_1231IMG_1307-2
After the wedding we did some more shots of everyone. Cheryl really did most of those shots and they are amazing!  Here  is her link to her site, she hasn’t posted there yet, but I know she will so be sure to check back there again.  IMG_1420-3IMG_1409
This was my favorite I took of the day. Love!
I like it this way too. Nothing like a little drama!
Then there was a Wedding Reception!IMG_1758-2IMG_1742-2
I stole the rings for a few minutes and snapped a few shots of them. So pretty!IMG_1666-3IMG_1625
Here bouquet was hand made by Casey herself and was made with beautiful broaches.
That evening there was the most amazing sunset!IMG_1974
….the evening continued on and a dance happened.IMG_1803IMG_1923
Casey had loved the lanterns that she saw on the moved Tangled. There were enough for all the guests to light them and pray for them before they floated off into the sky. It was a great idea and it was fun to watch!

When all was said and done, the wedding was fantastic and Casey and Riley were just wonderful!
Congratulations Casey and Riley! I pray you have an amazing life together!

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