Wednesday, August 17, 2011

M&B Lifestyle Shoot

I have loved all types of photography in my time, but one of my favorites is lifestyle. Here are some shots I took of  a grandfather and his little grandson. For this shoot I just followed them around for an hour while they did some of their normal “hangout” moments. Going for a walk, collecting worms to go fishing, collecting sticks that have fallen during the storm and throwing them in the water, and snuggling. All great and wonderful memories! Thanks for letting me follow you guys around!

IMG_9669IMG_9701IMG_9704 bw copyIMG_9551IMG_9539 bw_filtered copyIMG_9721IMG_9745IMG_9862IMG_9936IMG_9862IMG_9644IMG_9573 bw_filtered copyIMG_9558 bw copy

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