Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple Kitchen Reorganization

My hubby thought that it would awesome to have our knives in a knife block on our counter vs. in our silverware drawer (you know all messy and dangerous). It costs the same amount of money to put the knives I did have in the new knife block vs. just buying a new set of knives with a block. After looking a little, the realization came that there are many, many to choose from. Each day there are tons of good deals posted there, many things that we actually do find useful. Anyway, one day, a set came on sale that I could agree with. So, I am now the proud owner of new Ginsu knives.

Once they were here though I came to realize that I didn’t know where to put them on my counter. I am sure that you aren’t surprised after that whole fiscal about my counters back in 2008. When I peaked at the blog posts from them, I was actually pretty shocked at how very different my kitchen is now. Different counters and different appliances on them. Crazy!

What I do know is that between the time we bought our house, until now…my tastes have changed. I actually prefer a more modern look. Including a kitchen table that we will get some day. Something simple and current. How about even some modern furniture in my attached living room. Can you imagine an amazing set of decent furniture?! I live in someday land, do you?

In the meantime, my countertops will have the most modern items in my home I think.

Before I landed the knife set in its new home it looked like this. Minsan offered that it would be okay to move the cell phone charging station down onto the desk if I wanted and you know what, that was an awesome solution. It also made sense to move the coffee maker to that spot and the coffee mugs to the space above it. It sounded like it would be a great idea and I got to it this weekend.

IMG_3201 copy

So here is the finished product. I am so shocked that I actually gained a ton of work space over where the knives are now. Who would have thunk that the coffee make was right in the way of a prime workspace in my kitchen. Yep, I think this is going to do just awesome!


You can see too that we bought stainless steal handled knives. The dark counters hide things from us often and we figured it would be safer to have them stand out. It is actually pretty funny how often we lose things like the black kitchen towel that I have on the counters and even the coffee maker top when I am filling the pot. Sad I know.

IMG_6279 copy_filtered

Here is the other side too. I have managed to only keep the most important things on the counter (Magic Bullet, Rice Cooker, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Kitchen Aid, Utensils and now knife block). Very simple, just the way I love it.

IMG_6281 copy_filtered

Another deal I found online was the pull out trays that we put under our toaster and our coffee maker. It is meant to pull it out from underneath the cabinets for easier access. Sure enough it is actually pretty useful!


IMG_6284 copy_filtered


IMG_6283 copy_filtered

Last but not least, just to make sure you know my kitchen is far from perfect…the top of my frig…the mess! Stuff that I just haven’t dealt with yet! Someday soon!

IMG_6292 copy_filtered

Thanks for joining me on this journey (again)!

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  1. It looks good! I think you will like the knife block and coffee station I have my kitchen set up very similar. I also noticed how much my tastes have changed since moving 5 years ago. I think one reason tastes change is because needs change, at least this is true for me.