Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quarry in Waite Park, MN

I climbed up this hill from the side of the road…with only tennis shoes on. Brrr. My goal up at the top of the fence was to see the quarries that you can barely see when driving by.IMG_6389 copy_filtered
Once I got to the top, this is what I saw…I was so bummed to see trees blocking my view.
IMG_6390 copyIMG_6397 copyIMG_6407
A little further down I hoped I could get a better view from here where there seemed to be no trees. IMG_6434 copy
It was still hard to see the great view like I had hoped through the fencing. This was taken with me reaching my camera as high as I could to get above the green slats in the fences...Indeed it is a vast space and it would have been awesome to get behind the fence and really take in the vastness!IMG_6413IMG_6418 copy_filtered
When I got back in my car…oh my were my feet chilly. Funny how things like the potential for a good shot are worth a little discomfort.Aside from a few fence shots that I actually like and this barbed wire one, I would have to say that this attempt was a bit of a bust. Of course I would try again if someone had a cool trick, but for now, this is as good as it gets :)!

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  1. Gosh the one with the black fence and the little yellow digger cab looks like a toy! It is such a cute shot! Manly sites like that are not meant to be "cute" but you made it "cute" with perception!!!! haha way to go!