Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hidden Cove Orchard

IMG_3396 copy IMG_3398 copy IMG_3289 copy IMG_3291 copy IMG_3299 copy IMG_3305 copy IMG_3316 copy IMG_3317IMG_3344IMG_3320 copy IMG_3339 copy IMG_3366 copy IMG_3386 copy IMG_3394 copy I went to the Hidden Cove Orchard today with two of my kids while Duncan, Minsan and Chip were off fishing. We had hoped to pick the apples too, but apparently we aren’t allowed. Sad a little, but we managed. It was a beautiful blue sky day after all :)!  We may try a few other orchards in the surrounding towns and see if we can find one that will let us pick their apples. IMG_3290 copyI will be taking lots more fall pictures as time allows. Here is to hoping for a beautiful fall!

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  1. beautiful! so fun. scrapbooking not so least with little people all around. wanna come over tonight and scrap til dawn...or wait, you could bring dawn...