Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Scene off of HWY 23

I think it is actually one that you can barely see when driving this way since usually watching the road in front of you is more important. In any case, when I went to town last Wednesday I noticed that through the trees that there were cows and for some reason…I like them. There, I said it. I like to look at them and just the same I like to eat them…

Hmmm. Anyway, on my way to town today I stopped and ran across the ditch and snapped these shots of the cows…and their field. Again with the color ops right now, my eyes are wide open for photographic opportunities. Now if the rain and wind would subside I would be in high heaven!IMG_3723 copy IMG_3661 copy IMG_3674 copy IMG_3678 copy IMG_3683 copy IMG_3688 copy IMG_3698 copy IMG_3704 IMG_3719 copyI bet ya’all  didn’t know that these lovely cows and view were here, or did you?

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