Friday, June 18, 2010

I heart faces…Fix it Friday

image How do you improve upon this beauty?!4711074338_fb302a213d_b All I could see was a quick sharpening edit to even more so brighten her face. 4711074338_fb302a213d_bAfter that I just played with some different actions and a crop.

Here is a moody bw action.4711074338_fb302a213d_b moody copyColorized with a  little crop. 4711074338_fb302a213d_b copy Seventies with a tiny crop. 4711074338_fb302a213d_b 70 copy She was already so perfect, not much could be done to improve upon her sweetness!


  1. I loved the colorized one...great cropping as well :)

  2. The crop on the colorized picture is unique and nice...not something I would have thought of, but it looks great. Nice job!

  3. The colorized w/crop is very interesting! Nice crop. I also really like the moody B&W!