Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Beautiful Familia

IMG_2560 bwI was asked to take the Conrad Family pictures this summer and I was really excited to do so. Krystal was really awesome about waiting until I was done homeschooling for the year. Another exciting part of it is that they have a lovely family with all the kidlets being 6 and under. I was excited for the challenge and I was thinking that if I could succeed with these I would be up for anything.

You know what, it was an amazing time and I look forward to doing more families!!! I took over 400 pictures and narrowed it down to at least 80 good ones. I will only share a few of my favorites here :)! In any case if you have wondered what I have been up to lately, taking and editing these pictures has kept me joyfully entertained. Thankfully it was very fun and rewarding , I can’t wait to do this more!IMG_2561 lovelyIMG_2569 lovelyIMG_2545 colorizedIMG_2819 colorized IMG_2830 bw IMG_2850 colorized IMG_2865 colorized IMG_2593 colorized IMG_2598 cropped color IMG_2616 IMG_2636 colorized IMG_2644 colorized IMG_2651 color IMG_2667 colorized IMG_2683 colorized IMG_2693 bw IMG_2708 clorized IMG_2752 seventies IMG_2756 colorized IMG_2775 colorized IMG_2787 seventies So what do you think? Not bad eh?! Are they not the cutest family ever?!

Thank you so much Krystal for letting me be a part of this, it was wonderful!

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