Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little sprinkler action in the summertime!

I took this picture yesterday afternoon and was happy to get a clear one of the sprinkler with all the water cascading around. The sun was right, the grass was green, it was perfect.

Then I started in on some edits...

I love the edginess (is that a word?) of this black and white one. With the darker edges and crisp contrast, it just made me proud ;)!

This one I just kept the sprinkler and a little water clear, increased the contrast and blurred the edges, I love this one too.
Both of my edits, in my opinion, were great improvments on the original picture. Of course for both I was using the coffeeshop actions I had downloaded for use in my Photoshop Elements. They work great and I think look perfect. What great fun!!!!

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