Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beautiful Flower

Here are my attempts at using the gift Minsan gave me for my camera. Instead of buying a specialize (and expensive) macro lens, Minsan found this wonderful Hoya brand Close Up Kit. No kidding it works just like a macro lens for the up close work. It is absolutely wonderful for these close ups. My Canon Rebel can do pretty decent close ups all on its own, but I am still amazed at how much closer I have been able to get with the close up kit. No kidding, if you don't have one and you are wanting to do macro shots afordably, this is really the way to go!

Here are some more iris shots I took this morning too. Irises are very different from some of the flowers in my garden. I actually aquired them from a lady that I buy milk from. She handed me the plants she had thinned out and made me take them... I don't love how the foliage of irises look so I actually didn't want to plant them. But who wants to watch plants die. Well, after planting them last year and watching them just be green (and boring) ...but now they are actually quite beautiful!

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