Sunday, March 2, 2014

FREE Lifestyle Film Collection Lightroom Presets - Early Edition Presets

Yay, I finally completed my Lifestyle Film Collection Presets. I was a little sidetracked this past six months and was very happy to return and complete this set. It happens to be my new favorite since it really tells a photographic story with these presets. Hope you love them too!

This set includes twenty two presets, each with their own editorial style. They work great on anything from portraits, landscapes, and still life. For each of my samples I used the preset and did no additional adjustments. They were created to work easily and effectively with minimal adjustments in Lightroom 4 or 5 with RAW or JPG files.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. This set includes: Casablanca, Cinema, Cinematography, Cold Climate, Dark Knight, Edgy Film, Feature Film, Film Festival, Film Noir, Film Society, Filmography, Forgotten Film, Full Screen, Historic Morning, Orange Julius, Retro Ring Leader, The Big Screen, The Directors Cut, TV Land, Washed Film, and Western Film. Head out to this site to download them and see the other presets I created for you. There are samples there for you to check out. Here are some extra ones I created for you too.
Add to Cart Free Download of the Early Edition Lifestyle Film Collection Presets

Casablanca (Early Edition):

 Cinema (Early Edition):
 Cinematography (Early Edition):
Cold Climate (Early Edition):
Dark Knight (Early Edition):
 Edgy Film (Early Edition):
 Feature Film (Early Edition):
Film Festival (Early Edition):
Film Noir  (Early Edition):
 Film Society (Early Edition):
 Filmography (Early Edition):
 Forgotten Film (Early Edition):
 Full Screen (Early Edition):
Historic Morning  (Early Edition):
 Orange Julius (Early Edition):
 Retro Ring Leader (Early Edition):
  The Big Screen (Early Edition):
 The Directors Cut (Early Edition):
 TV Land (Early Edition):
 Washed Film (Early Edition):
Western Film (Early Edition):

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