Thursday, January 2, 2014

This is My Song - Project 365 - Year Four

Project 365 – Year Four. I am on a great adventure this year that includes increasing our family through adoption, traveling to another country, continuing my growth with photography, loving Jesus, learning to be a better mother and wife, and the final part of my journey…I am entering into the realm of turning forty. I am alive with hopeful expectation and can’t wait to look back and see this year's vast collection of a life well lived. To spice things up a little, I will be adding a little mascot called Ms. Betty Blue Bender occasionally. Why not have a little fun with this photographic journey right? So, if you see Ms. Betty Bender in some of my shots, consider it my fun little tweak to this year’s project 365.

I hope to post a shot out here each day for my project 365 journey. Enjoy :)!
I might even post a few extras from my  attempts to pick my shot of the day for the project. Why waste perfectly good moments right?! Happy New Year!

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