Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The ROL Express in a Parade

A number of amazing people at my church designed and built this amazing train over this past year. It was just revieled a few weeks ago at our church's 20th Anniversary celebration. These were taken at the River Lakes Day parade in Richmond, MN. My kids were able to ride it while it went through the parade and I happily snapped some shot of it. IT is amazing what can be created when gifted people are given the task of building a one of a kind train. Isn't it amazing?! The real purpose for the train is to bring the little kids to children's church each morning. There is train station where you drop the kids off and they get to ride the train to children's church. My kids have been having a blast riding it to church. It is fun to be a part of a church with such great determination and creativity to accomplish such a feat.

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