Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Early Edition Presets are Here!

I have made the decision to venture into selling my created presets for Lightroom 4. Here are the "First Edition" set for sale. The decision to make them was stemmed from getting tired of never being able to find just the right black and white look that I had in my mind when I was working with a photo. I would apply a handful of free or purchased bw ones and couldn't seem to find one that met the style I was looking for. I really love a timeless look, with an editorial flavor. I started seriously working with the settings and realized that I should start saving the presets I was creating. Before long I had a handful of them that worked perfectly every time I used them. If I loved them, I thought that maybe others would to. A name was decided on, logo created and here we are. Hope you like them!

I am working on my color set still, it shouldn't be long before it will be ready. The best part is that all the proceeds will go towards our adoption fund. I don't think it gets better than that!

So here are a few samples of the First Edition BW Set. I will continue to come out and post more of them so everyone knows what they are like. 

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