Monday, July 2, 2012

Hanging with Friends

I was with some friends the other day listening to music and enjoying the summer. While visiting I would stop and wander around their property and snap shots of the kids. I love taking pictures of children. They are so willing to show their true selves. There is no faking it. Even when I was trying to take pictures of one little guy, he just wasn’t all that interested.  Maybe another time if I have a really good bribe.
IMG_6021 copyIMG_5993IMG_6066_filteredIMG_6077IMG_6097IMG_6099IMG_6107IMG_6126IMG_6130_filtered
I decided that he was fabulously filthy. Dirty faces and little boys go hand in hand. IMG_5992IMG_5999IMG_6014IMG_6041Since we were outside, I figured it was worth it to snap this shot. I sure do love how the bokeh turns out on my 85mm. IMG_6005

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  1. looks like fun! love the little guitars, but really love the light in the hammock shot!