Tuesday, May 1, 2012

“F” Family - Sartell, MN Lifestyle Photographer

I was excited for my first family shoot of the season a few weeks ago. These two were adorable and so much fun to take pictures of. Little Boy was a great sport with me and was more than happy to play with my camera. Little Girl gave us more of a work out, but I am really happy with the precious pic in the end!
IMG_6599-2IMG_6619-2IMG_6657_filteredIMG_6672-3IMG_6791-3_filteredIMG_6802IMG_6489-3_filteredIMG_6492-2_filteredIMG_6507-3IMG_6697-2IMG_6528-3_filteredHere he was being Super Man, it was so cute!IMG_6547IMG_6558IMG_6565
Praise the Lord!!!IMG_6588IMG_6593-2_filtered
Thanks “F” Family for letting me play with your little ones for an hour. They are wonderful!

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