Thursday, April 12, 2012

Michael W. Smith Concert

The last concert I went to was the Michael W. Smith one on March 24th.  Minsan and I went together and I did what I always do, shoot tons of pictures!IMG_8897

This was when he first came out and greeted the crowd. There was lots of cheering since he hadn’t been in St. Cloud for 20 years.



Along with Michael the band L’Angelus was performing. They are a cajon band from down south and they are really good. They are siblings that play great music together. IMG_9226


IMG_9235_filteredHere he is at the end saying good bye. St. Cloud was the very last stop on this last tour he was on. Even his wife was there to be there for him. I think it must have been sad to be at the end of the tour and yet exciting.IMG_9584



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