Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tucking in the Motorcycle

IMG_7109Every year at the end of October or November the motorcycle is tucked in for the winter. It requires me to follow my hubby to the shed to tuck her in. While I was waiting this year, I wandered around the great outdoors and took some nature shots with my new to my lens. I needed to acquire some more gear to help shoot weddings and portraits with more ease. On the flip side, it takes pretty great outdoor shots of nature.
When I first acquire a new lens, I make sure to use it for just about everything I shoot for about two weeks so that I can make sure that I am very used to it. I also like to make sure that I know what it’s strengths are so I know when I want to take it out and use it for any given situation. This last one I added is the Canon 24-105 L series. It has an f-stop of 4 which I was actually pleased with. I know the rage is to have 2.8 or lower, but I realized that with wedding parties, to have an f-stop of 4 is where I would have it set anyway to make sure I have the whole party clear. Even higher for a LARGE group Smile!. I have definitely enjoyed using it and can’t wait to use it for more weddings in the future.
I think the other bonus of an L-Series lens is the amazing glass that it uses that in turn provides fantastic bokeh. Truthfully, my other lens I use for portraits is the Canon 60mm 2.8 Macro. That one, without the same expense as the L series provides AMAZING bokeh as well. I am thankfully for some decent gear to shoot with. It sure does make this photography ride enjoyable!
My other favorite lens is my 18-270 Tamron. It has been my favorite walk around lens since it sports so many different ranges. When I am taking pics of my kids, yep, I use that one. If I am out on a walk, yep, that is the one I grab. I actually love this lens and use it quite a bit. The only time I don’t use it is when I am shooting portraits…it doesn’t quite have the clarity that I am looking for in the eyes, but I would have to say that for the most part…I wouldn’t notice a lacking of clarity either on everything else I shoot. So many good things to say about it, but I am pretty sure you could find all the upsides to it on Tamron’s site.
What are my future gear needs you ask? You ask right, cuz ya’ all want to know?! Well, I actually really like working with fixed lenses and would like to start adding a 85, 35, and a 50 mm primes. I already have the 1.8 50mm, but I wouldn’t mind changing it out for the 50mm 1.4…all in due time I say Smile! What I would really like to know though is would I actually notice the difference in my pictures between a 1.4 or a 1.8 50 mm Canon lens. Seriously, for the price, is there a return on investment…inquiring minds want to know!!!
When it comes to buying more gear, is there a rush….I would have to say no. Especially since what I have really does the job, but increasing photography gear seems to be a normal direction of photography. I guess I would have to say, I am just like everyone else on this path!
So with that, I am off! Have a great day all and get out and shoot some pictures today!

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