Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring Time Ducklings

I was down at Frogtown Park taking some other pictures back in May when I stumbled upon the Duck Family. Truth be told though there was definitely more than one family down there. In fact, I am sure there were at least two females and two males and they were all working very hard to protect their little family from me. Okay, yes, I stalked them, but I did them no harm Smile!

IMG_6870 copyIMG_6872 copyIMG_6873 copyIMG_6876 copyIMG_6879 copyIMG_6881IMG_6883 copyIMG_6885 copyIMG_6888 copyIMG_6842 copyIMG_6844 copyIMG_6846IMG_6850 copyIMG_6852 copyIMG_6853 copyIMG_6861 copyIMG_6866 copy


  1. that is a lot of ducklings...love those shots of the babies following the momma! very fun post!