Sunday, July 19, 2009

He Set Me Free

Minsan did a special on the same Sunday as the Cardboard Testimonies. Here is the note he set with it on YouTube:

“Minsan Sauers and the band at church playing a funky version of the old song He Set Me Free. Kind of a mix of Keith Green and Lindell Cooley. The audio is off the house mixer so naturally things aren't balanced quite right for recording, but you get the idea.”

I heard it live and it was amazing! It is a bummer that the house mix for the video feed didn’t capture it well at all in comparison. BUT, it is indeed better to have a bad version than not one at all!

Minsan knows that this is one of my favorite songs he does so when I had asked him ahead of time what special he was going to do, he actually chose to make me wait and be surprised on Sunday morning. It was a delightful surprise! Plus, because of the cardboard testimonies being done twice by Will it allowed me to hear it live twice :)!

Yeah, I love Minsan for just being him, but I really, really love his gifting in music and “playin’ it funky”!

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